Stuff To Know When Watching Whales In Australia

There are things to do to enjoy whale watching in Australia. Knowing how to do it right goes a long way in enhancing the experience. You should enjoy your whale watching trip safely. Your safety and that of the whales is paramount so that you have a memorable trip. To have an unforgettable adventure—like snorkelling with humpbacks—book your excursion on ( and consider these tips.

Check their Behaviour

Be extra careful before you enter or exit waters with whales. If you come along a pod, check for behaviour changes that might indicate a problem. If you recognise an instant change in their swimming pattern, females protecting their children or tail slapping, you should immediately move away from the area.

Watch from a Distance

You may want to be very close to the whales, but this is not advisable. Different areas have different regulations on the range you should keep from whales. Whenever you realise you are getting too close to them, you need to change the direction to get out of harm’s way.

Maintain Low Speed

It might seem fun to cruise the waters at high speeds, but you need to take care. There are marine creatures that might knock over. When travelling in areas with whales, you should move at a low speed. Low speed helps reduce whale deaths due to collision thus assisting in their conservation.

Move from the Side

For the best experience when watching whales, approach them from the side. Move parallel with them while at the same time avoiding getting too close to them. Moving this way ensures you do not distract them as they get into deeper waters.

Limit your Time

You might be tempted to spend hours watching whales, but this is not good. Doing so may distract them and affect their normal life. Whales find it unconducive to socialise and tend to their young ones when there is noise around them. This might also make them change their migration route. The most recommended time is half an hour.

Do not Interact

Swimming with whales is not recommended because it makes them change their natural behaviour. It is risky since you might get injured in the process. You cannot compare yourself with such gigantic mammals, and it is tricky predicting their behaviour. Avoid touching them to not spread diseases. Do not feed them too so that you avoid making them sick or dependent on food provided by people.